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Audio Unicorns

Post by Ryan , on 2017-02-18
Working along side a talented monitor engineer at Royal Festival Hall for Jerry Dammers The Spatial AKA Orchestra… a mixture of large and complicated...

The Infinite Mix: Contemporary Sound And Image

Post by Ryan , on 2016-09-27
  Featuring British artists Martin Creed, Elizabeth Price (Turner Prize winner 2014) and American artist Rachel Rose. Curated by The Vinyl Factory.  I find it...

BBC Four – Masters Of Pop

Post by Ryan , on 2016-01-29
A fantastic new 3 part series Masters Of Pop started on the BBC4 recently, narrated by Nile Rodgers, this is a guide to the...

The Sea Organ, The Morske Orgulje – Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Post by Ryan , on 2015-11-10
Zadar, a 3,000-year-old city on the coast of Croatia, was almost completely destroyed in World War II –– so many of its ancient landmarks...

The Quietus Essay – The Utopia Of Records: Why Sound Archiving Is Important.

Post by Ryan , on 2015-07-07
Sound is not permanent, and much of the recorded recent history of humanity is currently disintegrating. Robert Barry reports from the British Library Sound...

The Price Of Love

Post by Ryan , on 2015-04-28
I’m extremely proud to say that the documentary I’ve produced and been working on since July last year, “The Price Of Love”, is now...

Replicating The Recording Revolution – BBC4

Post by Ryan , on 2015-01-28
In a great new 3 part BBC4 series, Sound Of Song, Neil Brand looks at every recorded moment in the life cycle of a...

British Library – Below The Lines In The Ice: The Sonic World Of Icebergs

Post by Ryan , on 2015-01-19
Irish composer Dr Karen Power spent time in the Arctic as part of the Arctic Circle Residency programme, exploring and documenting the sounds of...

The Game Of Life Foundation

Post by Ryan , on 2014-11-29
The Game Of Life Foundation Curate and produce artistic programmes which showcase a diverse range of high-quality, innovative electronic music projects through Wave field synthesis...

Ted Talk – How To Listen Better: Sound Expert Julian Treasure

Post by Ryan , on 2014-11-11
Recall Sound are a big fan of Ted Talks. Please enjoy this latest audio offering. Recorded at Ted Global, Edinburgh, Scotland. In our louder...

Film Screening At Film 4 Fright Fest 2014

Post by Ryan , on 2014-08-21
I’m very pleased to announce the last feature I worked on “The Mirror” as Sound Supervisor, is now screening at UK cinemas. There is...

On The Hidden Sound Of Sports

Post by Ryan , on 2014-07-20
It seems an appropriate time to share this wonderful article on the sound design and audio enhancement of our most loved sporting events from...

Pedal-Destination Moon – Solar Powered Music Festival

Post by Ryan , on 2014-07-13
Fancy playing a gig on a pedal powered sound system, complete with a wind powered lighting rig? Destination Moon based in Brooklyn, NYC is...

Portrait Of A Sound Design Artist

Post by Ryan , on 2014-06-22 Video can’t be loaded: Portrait of a Sound Design Artist ( I recently came across this great short: Portrait of a Sound Design...

The World’s Only Festival Of Ice Music, Geilo, Norway

Post by Ryan , on 2014-05-06
Every year on a frozen fjord in Norway, musicians gather under the full moon, and a canopy of Northern Lights, to perform ice music...

Tunnel’s Extraordinary Resonance

Post by Ryan , on 2014-04-14
Guinness World Records has certified the findings made by Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford. A gun shot fired...

Fan’s Of David Byrne And Talking Heads

Post by Ryan , on 2014-03-20
I love his music sure, but it’s his ideas in production and sound recording that inspire the most. In his personal website where he...

Particles In Acoustic Levitation

Post by Ryan , on 2014-02-14
A team of researchers in Switzerland and Japan have developed a way of levitating and transporting small objects using nothing but sound. It is...

Binaural Broadcasting

Post by Ryan , on 2014-02-02
Immersive Audio: BBC Research & Development BBC R&D are developing new tools for creation and delivery of binaural audio. By studying the perceived sound...

The Denge

Post by Ryan , on 2014-01-22
A fascinating article on U.K and European Sound Mirrors and their uses. Mirror image, very much looking like a set piece from an Andrei Tarkovsky...

Alexander Graham Bell’s Restored Voice, Speaking From 1885

Post by Ryan , on 2014-01-11
National Geographic Article: How Genius Carl Haber fully restores Long-Lost Sounds is the story of Carl Haber, an experimental audio physicist who built some...

Talea de Castro

Post by Ryan , on 2013-12-15
I really enjoy the use of DIY technology and for this small village Talea de Castro in remote Mexico, the towns people decided communication...

Rhodes Scholarship Trust

Post by Ryan , on 2013-12-02
I was fortunate enough to spend two days at Oxford University working with the Rhodes Scholarship Trust. In short, Rhodes Scholarship selection committees seek...

It’s Sounds of cinema month

Post by Ryan , on 2013-11-20
BBC both radio and television are celebrating this event by broadcasting a number of fantastic documentary’s and feature films. I managed to catch Sound...

Y.A.M.M Festival… Young African Art Market

Post by Ryan , on 2013-10-01
After spending an awesome week in Berlin,which I really recommend doing! Great city… I got invited to the YAMM Festival on behalf of Super...

Kasai Masai and The EIA International Festival

Post by Ryan , on 2013-09-27
I am back into a musical swing working with a wonderful and talented bunch of touring musicians form the Congo and Senegal called Kasai...

So starting with this past month… very busy!

Post by Ryan , on 2013-09-15
The beginning of the month was spent on the set of a new Brit horror feature directed by Edward Boase. The shoot was 11...

Tectonic 3 day Showcase!

Post by Ryan , on 2013-08-22
I also got to run F.O.H sound for a bunch of great music makers that have continued to inspire me over the passed years...

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